Products and Services


Few of us plan for our furnace or air conditioner to fail, but when it does, you need it fixed fast and the service providers know it! Don’t be left out in the cold paying to much. LBC works with pre-screened local contractors and has year round, fixed pricing on top branded HVAC units.

Lawn & Landscaping

Think having a lawn care service is too expensive?  Not with LBC.  Our model keeps the highest quality lawn care professionals busy in your neighborhood. This keeps costs down, which they pass on to you.  Take your weekends back and relax.


No one really wants to spend money on a new roof; and getting all those different quotes and product jargon can be overwhelming.  LBC has taken all the guess work out of replacing your roof.


Selling your house comes with a big realtor fee. Don’t rely on someone you found online or feel obligated to use that distant relative. LBC has studied markets to identify top performers and helps reduce those large fees.


Need a new car, but not the hidden costs or haggling over the price? We can handle that. LBC works with dealerships in your area to keep it simple and get you upfront, clear and transparent pricing.


Whether finally getting that first boat you deserve or you’re a seasoned mariner, it’s a big investment. With so many different models and features, it’s really tough to know if you’re getting a fair price. Don’t negotiate alone. LBC has done it for you and established simple and transparent pricing you can be confident in.

Snow Removal

When winter hits and the snow starts to fly, don't let shoveling your driveway consume you on those cold winter nights. LBC has insured snow removal contractors assigned to your neighborhood. Our contractors manage large numbers of properties in specific areas to help keep costs down.


Time to upgrade or replace those worn out appliances. The choices seem endless these days and every retailer claims to have the lowest price. Skip the shopping around, LBC has already negotiated fixed pricing on the names you trust.

Commercial Trucks

Business owner in need of a truck? We know how valuable every dollar is to you and your business. Use LBC as your trusted ally to save you time and ensure your business gets the most for those hard earned dollars.

Hot Water Heaters

It’s not a warm feeling when the water in your home goes cold unexpectedly, but that’s what you get when your hot water heater fails. LBC has licensed and certified plumbing contractors ready to fix it fast, without the high prices.

Pest Removal

Whether it's ants, spiders, termites or bedbugs that have decided they enjoy your home, you need them gone fast. LBC's pest control contractors will help exterminate the bugs, not your hard earned money.

Driveway & Patio

When your driveway is cracked and crumbling, it's not only hurting your home's curb appeal, it's not safe. Then comes the sticker shock when you realize the cost to replace it. LBC's volume purchasing can help make those costs more manageable.